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Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Woman Who Does Not Know How to Flirt" Press Conference



Date: July 3, 2016

Temporary Chinese title: 《不懂撒嬌的女人》
Pinyin title: Bat Dung Saat Giu Dik Nui Yan
Temporary English title: "Woman Who Does Not Know How to Flirt"
Producer: Kwan Shu Ming

Attending Cast: Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Vincent Wong, Natalie Tong, Lai Lok Yi, Vincent Lam, Zoie Tam, Lau Dan, Maggie Yu, Andrew Yuen, Snow Suen, Kirby Lam, Gloria Tang, Kevin Tong, Dickson Wong, Kaman Wong, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Fanny Ip, Kimmy Kwan, Deborah Poon, Tsang Yuen Sa, Calvin Chan, Even Chan, Nicole Wan, Jennifer Shum, and Snowy Bai.

Time: 16:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O Metro City Plaza II L1 Atrium

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- 28-episode urban romance and lighthearted comedy.
- The series will use a mall as the background to reflect the daily lives of Hong Kong people, and explore why many high-ranking females in the workplace are not married and whether Hong Kong men accept women who do not know how to flirt.
- The series talks about the issues that Hong Kong females face. The content talks about the flirting competition of Hong Kong and Taiwanese females.
- This is TVB's first 4K series filmed entirely on location. There will also be location filming in Shanghai and Tainan City, and will be inviting local actors to take part.
- The series will simultaneously broadcast on Jade (HD version) and myTV SUPER (4K UHD version).
- The series crew specially found a several-thousand-square-foot office for filming.
- Frankie Lam will play Gordon Man Nim Sam (文念深), the executive of the mall promotion department. He and Jessica Hsuan frequently have the same ideas at work because their thinking is extremely similar, but their personalities are total opposites. Jessica has to frequently have meetings with her colleagues, while he does not like to have meetings, as he feels that there is no need to waste everyone's time. He also has many methods that break away from convention so that the mall's promotion sees results. He and Jessica are a couple; they have a love-hate relationship.
- Jessica will play Ling Man (凌敏), the director of the mall leasing department. She is a control freak whose administration of her subordinates is like that of military training, jogging at five or six in the morning while having a meeting with her subordinates. She is also called 「Mall姐」 and 「魔頭」.
- Vincent Wong will play Ching Yat Fai (程日暉). He will have a romance with Natalie Tong, but a sweet Taiwanese girl intervenes. He will have a nude running scene. He is also called 「Saving哥」.
- Natalie will play Ling Yu Kan (凌禹勤), a strong, introverted Hong Kong girl. She will battle with a Taiwanese female. She and Vincent are a pair but get challenged by a Tainan girl who knows how to flirt.
- Lai Lok Yi will play Ho Chi Chiu (何志超), a wealthy and talented person who does not get married but has a girlfriend in every place.
- Samantha Ko will play Tin Mat (田蜜), an intelligent woman who does not easily show what is on her mind.
- Zoie Tam will play an executive with a tough personality. She has a six-year-old son.
- Lau Dan is very popular with females. Maggie Yu is not the only one who flirts with him.
- Snow Suen will play Kam Mei Yan (金美恩).
- Gloria Tang has serious 'Princess Syndrome'.
- Calvin Chan will play Mario Ma Chi Ho (馬子豪).
- Kiwi Yuen has an older female and younger male romance with Andrew Yuen.
- Mico Zhang will play a typical, flirtatious Taiwanese girl. She has many scenes with Vincent, Natalie, and Lai Lok Yi.

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (072716)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (072716)

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

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Completion Banquet @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "My Unfair Lady".

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Personal Note: Not only broadcasting online, as the series will also air on Jade at the same time!

*Credits to 狂愛TVB, on.cc, mingpao, stheadline, moreforms, youku, gztv, metrodaily, and 香港無線TVB8


  1. i'm so happy to see jessica and frankie again! what is a 4K series?

    1. To Rachel:

      4K is Ultra HD, which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and is four times the pixels as the typical Full HD 1080p.

    2. thanks for answering my question! :) i had no idea it was possible to be even more HD hahah =P