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List updated on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kenneth Ma Not Filming "Hot Pursuit"


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Kenneth Ma went to Wong Chuk Hang to serve as a guest taster for the new TVB programme "3 Hungry Sisters", in which Samantha Ko, Selena Li, and Paisley Hu treated him to abalone. Regarding this, he said, "Have know Selena for ten-plus years, but have not tasted her cooking. (You can also cook?) I am okay with simple ones...stir-frying vegetables, frying an egg, but actually, I have very high expectations toward food. If it does not taste good, would rather not eat to save the quota". However, Kenneth also admitted that he would add points for girls who are good at cooking.

Regarding it being said that he has been arranged to be the first male lead over Ruco Chan in the new series "Hot Pursuit", Kenneth revealed that the latest news he received is that he is not taking part in this series: "The company has many plans in progress. Perhaps they have to see how they should place the artistes. I don't know, so waiting for the company to arrange it". Is it because he has not renewed his contract, so he has lost out on the role? Kenneth emphasized that there is a length of time before his contract expires. At the moment, still discussing the details with the company. He expressed that, after completing "Inspector Gourmet" in May of last year, although he has only guest-starred for two episodes in "ICAC Investigators 2016", he has actually been attending commercial events and filming advertisements to earn extra income. Perhaps it is because everyone sees that he has been quiet, thus thinking that there are problems with his contract.

When programme host Selena mentioned Kenneth, she originally wanted to say, "I have known Kenneth for ten-plus years", but she misspoke by saying, "I ate Kenneth", causing everyone to burst into laughter.

"3 Hungry Sisters" Episode 2

*Credits to 馬國明官方國際影迷會, 香港無線TVB8, the-sun, eastweek, gztv, and mingpao

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