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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Collaborating with Goddess Charmaine Sheh Again: Kenneth Ma Hopes to Have Intense Scenes


TVB is spending a production fee of over ten million to film the third installment of the short film "A Time of Love". There will be four independent stories, respectively starring Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Priscilla Wong, Pakho Chau, Tony Hung, Taiwanese actors, etc., and has been arranged to air next Valentine's Day.

The first story in the third installment is the love continuation of Charmaine and Kenneth in the previous installment. They are going to do location filming in Germany. After looking at the script, Charmaine and Kenneth agreed to take part without demur. The storyline is about the woman being superior to the man, but it does not affect the development of their love. Charmaine continues to be Kenneth's superior, while Kenneth is willing to take on the position as the little man.

In a phone interview, Charmaine said that she looks forward to this time's filming: "In the series, I know how to speak German. Although I lived in Switzerland before, and know how to speak some German, also have to practice that feeling again in order to be able to say it. For me, it is a challenge!" As for Kenneth, who regards Charmaine as a 'goddess', frankly said that he raised his hand last time in hopes to partner Charmaine; after actually collaborating, there was a good reaction. This time, knowing that the new installment is a continuation of last time's story, Kenneth signed up in hopes to take part: "Able to collaborate with Charmaine...happy of course. I really admire her, and is also a goddess in my heart! (Both have intense scenes?) Just heard the story, and there aren't any yet. I will look for the scriptwriter to discuss to see whether it can be added!"

Another independent story is a collaboration between Priscilla and Pakho. Allegedly, filming will begin in Taiwan in November. Next month, the two will first rehearse as a warm-up. Priscilla said, "In the series, he and I are good friends who have known each other since we were young. We also have not collaborated before. Hope that there is more warm-up beforehand...can avoid awkwardness!"

*Credits to the-sun

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