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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ma Ming Says 'I Love You' to Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu went on Kitty Yuen and Fama's game show, "Mini Mega Fun Show". She was asked to make three phone calls. She called her dad, Amigo Choi, and Kenneth Ma.

Mission 3: Make the Person Say 'I Love You'

Myolie: I'll try to call this person.
Fama & Kitty: This person is?
Kitty: A male friend.
Myolie: Ma Ming. But I can't ask him if he likes me.
C Kwan & Kitty: You can!
Myolie: I can?
C Kwan: Yes.
Kitty: Obviously, that wouldn't be the first thing you say. You have to slowly get to the topic.
Myolie: We don't have to slowly get to the topic because, when we have to ask something, we ask it right away. He will immediately say 'love'.
Kitty: Really?
Myolie: Yes, do you believe it?
C Kwan & Kitty: Okay, let's try it.
Ma Ming: Hello?
Myolie: Hello, Ma Ming?
Ma Ming: Yes.
Myolie: It's Myolie!
Ma Ming: What's up?
Myolie: Are you free?
Ma Ming: What do you think?
Myolie: What are you doing?
Ma Ming: I'm not doing anything. I just finished. What's up? What's up?
Myolie: Nothing. Were you happy when you came over to my house for a BBQ yesterday?
Ma Ming: Happy. What's up?
Myolie: Do you love me?
Ma Ming: I love you!
Myolie: Thank you! Bye bye!
Fama: That's impossible!
Kitty: Why was that so easy?!
C Kwan: You guys are actually together!
6 Wing: That's impossible!
Kitty: Why don't you give me Ma Ming's number, and I'll try to call him. I'll say exactly what you said and see what happens.
Fama, Myolie & Kitty: All right!
Ma Ming: Hello?
Kitty: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Kenneth Ma?
Ma Ming: Speaking!
Kitty: It's Kitty Yuen!
Ma Ming: What's up? Are you playing the Fama and Kitty show?
Kitty: Kitty show? I don't have any whiskers.
Ma Ming: You guys are playing the Fama and Kitty show, right?
Kitty: Fama and Kitty show? What is that?
Ma Ming: Tavia Yeung just called me.
Kitty: Why did Tavia call you?
Ma Ming: She asked if I love her or not.
Kitty: Tavia?!
Myolie: It's Myolie!
Ma Ming: Myolie, Myolie Wu!
Kitty: So, the one he actually likes is Tavia!
Myolie: You came to my house yesterday for BBQ, and you say it's Tavia!
Ma Ming: I just finished the costume fitting [for "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge"].
C Kwan: He actually likes Tavia. No one ever liked you!
Kitty: So, no one ever liked you!
Ma Ming: I mixed it up.
Myolie: You just said it wrong, right?
Ma Ming: Yes, I just said it wrong.
Myolie: Then who am I?
Ma Ming: You are Myolie.
Myolie: Do you love me?
Ma Ming: Love you, love you....
Myolie: How much love?
Ma Ming: Really love. Is this recorded? It's recorded right?
Myolie: I'll let you off this time. Okay, bye bye.
Ma Ming: Okay, bye bye!
Myolie: That's so mean!
C Kwan: That's not mean. It's just that he doesn't like you. He loves Tavia!

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Super funny! Myolie hung up on Amigo ("actually, bye bye"). Ha ha.... The people behind the scenes already knew that Myolie was going to call Ma Ming! Ha ha.... Ma Ming was so pranking Myolie! She already told him that she was Myolie, and she mentioned the BBQ. It is impossible for him to mix Myolie up with Tavia! Ha ha.... At the end, Myolie knew Ma Ming was doing it on purpose. Thus, Ma Ming always saying 'I love you' is true! Ha ha....

For the Chinese transcript, go to Tavia's Baidu!

*Credits to baidu


  1. aww...that is just way to cute^^

  2. I was laughing with tears! Ha ha... :P

  3. hi, may i hav ur permission to repost this onto dienanh.net site. tkx. ofcourse i'll show your website link in that post

  4. To Anonymous:

    Yes, you may repost as long as you credit back to this site. Thanks! :)