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- June Series 《一舞傾城》 "A Beautiful Dance" Info
- "Stranger Anniversary" Week 2: averaged 13.5 points.
- "Story of Zom-B" Week 4: averaged 15.5 points.
- Ali Lee Not Being a Ghost, Katy Kung Becomes the Second Choice
- "Brutally Young 2.0" Promotional Clip 1
- "Stranger Anniversary" Cutting Five Episodes and Ending Early
- "Against Darkness" Premiering on June 6th, Ruco Chan Hopes for Surprises
- Sisley Choi Pricks Herself, Studies Medicine to Charge for 'TV Queen' Again
- Kaman Kong Filming a New Year Series, Fighting with Katy Kung and Mayanne Mak for Favour
- "Barrack O'Karma 1968" Sub Song (Kayee Tam Version)

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List updated on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

June Series 《一舞傾城》 "A Beautiful Dance" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《一舞傾城》
Pinyin title: Yat Mo King Sing
Temporary English title: "A Beautiful Dance"
Producer: Wong Jing
Episodes: 20

Cast: Monica Chan, Elaine Yiu, Mat Yeung, Michael Tong, Jacky Cai, Yvette Chan.

Synopsis: The '80s were also the golden age of Hong Kong! The economy took off, the stock market soared, and there were various types of sensual pleasure! Men and women were busy pursuing fame and fortune and working hard to make money and to be popular. All the nightclubs adopted large-scale management. The 'shameful place that cannot be revealed' became a 'high-leval social place'; thus, there was the emergence of 「萬國城夜總會」, which was known as the 'Number One in Southeast Asia'.

It not only operates nightclubs, but there is also an all-in-one service package of hourly hotels, Japanese restaurants, hair salons, and fashion companies. The selection of bar girls is strict, and everyone would be packaged after getting hired. It was a must to have the sweet voices of women and big breasts and wide hips in the 「萬國城」venue, becoming a seemingly excessively extravagant pleasure nest.

The gangster 'Chi Fei' (志飛, played by Mat Yeung), who monitors the premises, is entangled among the two female leads, Monica and Michelle (played by Elaine Yiu). A trainee madam who is undercover, and the stories of many dancing girls are interspersed throughout, telling the life of the ballroom.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ali Lee Not Being a Ghost, Katy Kung Becomes the Second Choice


ontv Clip

Ali Lee had been arranged to play a difficult-to-handle character in the supernatural series "Unchained Medley", which starts filming next month, acting as a ghost who has a love between a human and a ghost with Owen Cheung.

Just as the outside world was looking forward to Ali acting in a new work, it is known that she, who is busy recording the talk show 《夢中.情.人》, after some fuss and struggles, has pulled out of the series in the end on the grounds of health reasons. Because her ghost character had been set to be glamourous and outstanding in acting, faced with her sudden resignation, this series' producer, Wong Wai Yan, and the series team were in a chaotic situation. Fortunately, after several days of discussions with TVB's upper management, the first female lead candidate has finally been finalized; it has been decided that Katy Kung will be taking over at this time of crisis. In fact, Katy and Wong Wai Yan have worked closely together in the past. Her leading series "Brutally Young 2.0" was also produced by Wong Wai Yan, so it can be said that [she] is a favourite. Now, she has been called on by him to act in "Unchained", so [she] naturally agreed without a word, even though [she] has to film an ancient New Year series at the same time next month. Will definitely get to film but will not get time to sleep then, but she still has no regrets because [she] has not had a work that has been talked about since "Death by Zero" and "Hong Kong Love Stories" from two years ago, so [she] also wants to take this opportunity to level up and create a career peak.

Health Is Important

on.cc contacted Ali [today] about rejecting the series for health reasons. She expressed, "I will try my best to maintain a balance between work and health". Katy, who is said to be the second choice to play the ghost, frankly said that she was not too sure: "I haven't paid attention to it. Have been focused on filming a Handover [series], so looking at the company's arrangement. Will be doing [my] best". However, Wong Wai Yan is happy that Katy is able to take part, and even supported Ali for not being able to film due to her health: "Heard that Ali's health is not too good. Also scared that it would be tough for her...would not be able to handle it and collapse. Although [I] do really want to work with her, believe that there will always be a chance".

In addition to Katy's ghost character, it is known that Tiffany Lau is also taking part, but she is not playing a pretty ghost; rather, [she] is playing a mortal with a frank and open personality. Apart from having to be a body double and a mover, [she] also has to sing Cantonese opera, and has already been the first to do a costume fitting the other day. She was mysterious during the interview: "Also have to prepare for the details of the role. For the time being, only know that the key point is getting rid of the English accent. I have to work hard to improve and do more homework".

*Credits to on.cc

Saturday, May 14, 2022

"Brutally Young 2.0" Promotional Clip 1

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*Credits to TVBstudio

"Stranger Anniversary" Cutting Five Episodes and Ending Early


The ratings of the TVB series "Stranger Anniversary", starring Joe Ma and Roxanne Tong, have been so-so since its broadcast. TVB has made new changes. TVB Jade will have a special new programme change arrangement on May 30th. "Stranger", originally airing Mondays to Fridays at 9:30pm, will be condensed into 20 episodes. After the finale on May 27th, the full 25 episodes will be arranged to broadcast on myTV SUPER. Contacting the lead Roxanne, she expressed, "I have not heard about it...really don't know about it. I have never asked about the post-production. After the completion of filming, promotions are our responsibility, but would have a normal attitude for other things and would not care too much". When asked if [she] would be catching the ending on myTV SUPER, she expressed, "Won't be for the time being. Have recently been working on 'Secret Door' every day. Have to catch up on that time when it was halted previously. Will catch up when the series is done around June". Contacting the producer Lam Chi Wah, he left the message on read and did not respond.

Joe expressed in a reply to on.cc: "Disappointed or not? Know the warmth or coolness of water after drinking it! As for the low ratings, there are always highs and lows in life; however, the series has not finished broadcasting yet...can't make a conclusion too early! I think that, for the company to have this arrangement, it must be a good arrangement because condensing it will make the plot tighter. Don't know if it will also be cut into a movie version later!"

It is understood that this change is TVB's move against ViuTV's 《冥冥之中》, which airs on May 30th and stars Annie Liu and Sonija Kwok. It is said that the TVB series "Against Darkness" will broadcast one week in advance on May 30th; however, it is understood that TVB is urgently mobilizing other series to go into battle in order to prevent the series "Against" from facing a head-on confrontation.

*Credits to on.cc

Thursday, May 12, 2022

"Against Darkness" Premiering on June 6th, Ruco Chan Hopes for Surprises


The TVB series "Against Darkness", starring 'TV King' Ruco Chan, Kaman Kong, Alice Chan, Brian Tse, et al., will be premiering on TVB Jade on June 6th. This series was previously scheduled to air in April but ended up being changed to "Barrack O'Karma 1968". The lead, Ruco, frankly said in an interview, "Very happy that the work can be released because many things have been unstable in the past year, and many fans have said that they are looking forward to the release of my works. I also said that, [if] the things are finished filming, [they] can come out quickly". Ruco also said that this series' script is quite special. Also didn't know what the ending would be until the end of filming, which was quite interesting for him. Ruco said, "Although this is not a lighthearted, humourous series, the subject matter is rather down-to-earth. Hope that there will be public praise when it comes out, and surprises everyone".

Kaman also frankly said that she has a lot of fate with this series' producer, Ng Koon Yu. She said, "Very happy that the series is broadcasting because I will also be filming the producer's New Year series afterward. He also really adores me, which is really hard to come by".

*Credits to on.cc

Sisley Choi Pricks Herself, Studies Medicine to Charge for 'TV Queen' Again


TVBE Clip (051522)

TVBE Clip (051622)

ontv Clip

[Sisley Choi] will play a Chinese medicine practitioner in the new series "Let Me Take Your Pulse", which starts filming in June. Because the subject matter is very technical, TVB is also very serious in prepearing its research, recently arranging for the group of practitioners, Sisley, Matthew Ho, Kayan Yau, Erica Chan, et al., to experience acupuncture in person for the first time. After being guided by experienced Chinese medicine practitioners, they applied needles one by one, and then pricked acupunture points themselves, breaking through their psychological barriers.

Finds Excuses to Learn New Skills

Among the many actors, Sisley was praised by the practitioners for having potential, and even completed the needle pricking process in a quick 11 seconds. In an interview with on.cc [today], she said, "We all tried acupuncture. While trying it, I suggested that we perform acupuncture on ourselves! (Not scared? There's a dangerous nature to it though!) With regards to acupuncture, I am rather calm. I even suggested trying a sensitive area, which was the acupunture point for the spleen and stomach above the legs. Also have to always experience it yourself in order to be able play an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner". She previously played a character who specializes in part-time jobs in "Forensic Heroes V", learning to play the drums for the role, and even fulfilling her wish. She frankly said, "I already really wanted to learn to play the drums when I was young...always had a soft spot for it. Usually, when filming series, would not learn it for no reason. It's very extravagant. Now, there's a series giving me an excuse for me to learn it. The heavens seem to have heard my wish". She did not hesitate to say that her next wish is to be a dancer: "Actually, I really like to dance. Learned ballet when I was young. Really want to street dance or do K-pop dances. If there is a role to play, and I am able to learn another new thing due to a role, I think that it would be the most incredible. It is like experiencing it with the character".

Matthew Ho Looking for a Guinea Pig

As for Matthew, he also highly praised Sisley for performing well and being bold enough. He said, "After performing acupuncture on the teacher, she said that we could prick ourselves under safe conditions. After Sisley pricked her arm, she also pricked her leg. Actually, I have been scared of acupuncture since I was young. Have not been able to break through this barrier for the time being. I am only pricking others for now...not brave enough to prick myself yet". However, he pointed out that his mom is a nurse, and she also taught herself acupuncture previously, so [he] can ask [his] mom for advice in the future: "Have to go observe for a few more classes later, or try pricking Mom. (You're scared of injections?) I am not scared of injections, but scared of getting blood drawn because, when [I] was young, [I] was very weak after getting [my] blood drawn, so [I] had to eat some glucose immediately and sit down to rest. It has been a haunting experience since then; however, when filming 'Life on the Line' before, also got blood drawn successfully for a promotion".

Kayan Yau Being a Bone Setting Master

Kayan, Erica, and Ricco Ng are playing Chinese medicine interns in the series, learning from Sisley. Erica said that her character's personality is rather arrogant and confident, and pointed out that [she] previously learned acupuncture, which [she] found very interesting: "Really want to learn more about Chinese medicine...can treat myself. Did ask the practitioner about the acupuncture points that are good for the body. We did apply needles on site and also pricked ourselves. Of course, there were practitioners providing guidance nearby! Kayan is playing a practioner who is highly skilled in bone setting. I told her to learn it and then help set me thinner one day. As for Kayan, she revealed that her look is of a super Japanese style...has to have double braids and act cute, and said, "If really teaching me bone setting, then [I] would really be happy! Greatly looking forward to it". She expressed that she usually sees a Chinese medicine practitioner to take care of her health; thus, having an opportunity to play an intern this time, [she] finds it interesting.

In addition, Ricco admitted that he does not know much in trrms of Chinese medicine, so [he] has to spend more time learning about it: "The producer did arrange for us to attend some Chinese medicine classes. Hope it comes out looking the way it should look. I still don't know what has to be learned, but at least there'll be a greater understanding of it first".

*Credits to on.cc

Monday, May 9, 2022

Kaman Kong Filming a New Year Series, Fighting with Katy Kung and Mayanne Mak for Favour


TVB will start filming an ancient New Year comedy in June, and Nancy Sit will play the mother-in-law role. As for the three pairs of sons and daughters-in-law, the eldest son and his wife are Raymond Cho and Mayanne Mak, the second son and his wife are Hugo Wong and Katy Kung, and the third son and his wife are Mark Ma and Kaman Kong. The three female leads will be bickering for the Lunar New Year! The entire series consists of eight episodes and is scheduled to be broadcasted from Lunar New Year's Eve to the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. The filming date is close to summer; the producer, Ng Koon Yu, has reassured the actors that only one team will be filming each day, and the costumes will be mainly made of thin materials. The actors also do not have to wear headgear so that the shoot is not too tough for everyone.

Not Scared of It Being Tough to Work in the Summer

Kaman, who is filming an ancient series for the first time, admitted that she is super looking forward to it. She said, "A lot of people say that it is very tough filming ancient series because it is hot, and there is wire work, but must try everything! I have been looking forward to filming ancient series for a long time. Have always asked the producers when [I] would get to film it. Really very excited to have [my] wish fulfilled! Actually, I am really not worried about the heat. Have also worn a leather jacket in the summer and filmed series in sweaters...it's okay!"

Mayanne previously collaborated with Raymond in the series "Your Highness". Working as husband and wife this time, there will definitely be sparks: "There is a lot of fun in filming an ancient [series]. In the series, I am the daughter of a family that owns a gambling den...have a very domineering appearance. When filming 'Your' before, thought that my ancient look had a certain aura, and the makeup was very feminine. Will put in more effort to look pretty this time". Katy said, "The happiest thing is being able to work with Nancy. Have a lot of scenes opposite [her] this time. Greatly looking forward to starting work faster".

Nancy has already not filmed a series in over four years; the ultimate goal of filming this series is the hope that everyone would be happy when he or she sees her. She said, "I don't film many series now. It'll be tougher working in June, but the producer said that there are fewer outdoor scenes. As for the clothing, they said that they will do their best to accommodate me. Certainly cannot be sexy when being a mother-in-law, but it will be thinner. The most important thing is having enough time to rest".

The three male leads actually run a noodle stall together. Eldest brother Raymond admitted to being very familiar with Mayanne...absolutely have chemistry. Second brother Hugo had previously expressed that he hopes to bring positive energy and joy to everyone, and now his wish has come true: "This is my first time filming a New Year series. Very excited. Us three brothers will even do a lion dance! The series talks about me always being sick and rather weak, but my wife, Katy, is rather strong. She would come to my aid; it is quite adorable. Before, during the pandemic, there wasn't much to do. I also made bread and noodles at home. It just so happens that [we] run a noodle stall in the series. Hope that the skills can be used!" Mark is working with Kaman for the first time: "In the series, I am talented, polite, and really know how coax my mom! Hope to create funny sparks, as it is only good to watch if the ancient rhythm is controlled very well!"

*Credits to on.cc

Thursday, May 5, 2022

"Barrack O'Karma 1968" Sub Song (Kayee Tam Version)

相愛萬年 《金宵大廈2》 插曲 - 譚嘉儀

作曲: 李施嬅/蔡慧芝
填詞: 林若寧

相隔萬年團聚 鞏固大橋已一一粉碎
我的呼吸裡 還是有誰
經過萬年沈睡 恐怕睡床已只得飛絮
你溫馨觸覺 仍像細水
Let time fly Till I die

被隔開都與你 共享這一個記憶區
遺跡中 月光裡
讓你一生遙距 分享我樂趣

宇宙記不起 但仍認得你
約定要一起 流浪下雪天地
愛越過生死 萬年後的你
隔住了千禧 刻骨銘記

宇宙會枯死 亦存在的你
各自各一起 同在下雪天地 嬉戲
到下次相識 又重遇的你
歲月已灰飛 都記得你

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*Credits to Kayee Tam