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- Fiancée Roxanne Tong Refuses to Collaborate in a Series, Kenneth Ma Sweetly Says: 'She Is Scared of Not Being Able to Hold in Her Laughter'
- Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong Ban Kissing, Would Rather Fight and Putting a Stop to Passionate Scenes
- "Get on a Flat" Theme Song & Sub Song 3 @ "Andrew Lam 40th Anniversary Concert 2023"
- The Infinite Rush of Sunset! Simply Urgent When Kenneth Ma Kissed Natalie Tong
- "The Invisibles" Promotional Event 3
- Ricco Ng Levels Up to Lead and Father Has Hopes of Joining, Joe Ma Challenging High Difficulty with Strange Illness
- Wayne Lai and Joey Law Playing a 'Double Trouble' Father and Son
- "The Invisibles" Sub Song 2 (Full Version)
- May Series 《非常檢控觀》 "Extraordinary Prosecutorial View" Info
- "The Invisibles" Opening Theme Video, Sub Song 2 Preview & End Credits

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List updated on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Fiancée Roxanne Tong Refuses to Collaborate in a Series, Kenneth Ma Sweetly Says: 'She Is Scared of Not Being Able to Hold in Her Laughter'


Ming Pao Clip

In the TVB series "The Invisibles", Kenneth Ma plays Ocean, the second-in-command of POTT, whose personality differs from his previous work, and his incarnation as a cool guy has made an impression. Even if Kenneth is the second choice to Ruco Chan, he does not mind at all if he can encounter a good role. In the series, he and Natalie Tong have a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, but he expressed that he never brings real experiences into acting. Even when his ex Jacqueline Wong's incident with Andy Hui broke out, he was also able to let go of the negative emotions and work. He and his fiancée, Roxanne Tong, will be getting married at the end of the year. He admitted that there is a bit of a change now...would bring happiness when going to work.

Did Not Expect the Role to Be So Cool

Kenneth said, "I didn't ask why, but every time I see him, I would ask him why he still hasn't looked for me to film. Perhaps [Man Wai Hung] is always working with Ruco. I also understand that producers have their own teams...have been using [them] and work well together, so will continue using [them]. It is rare to have the opportunity to collaborate this time. Although I also like playing doctors, in the end, men have an affinity for scenes with guns and bullets, and have some fantasy about gunfire scenes. Have never experienced shooting a gun in actual combat in a series. Played a cop in 'The Mysteries of Love' many years ago, but it was more romance. Feel very happy and fitting to experience it this time. Has really broadened [my] acting range...never thought that I could be such a cool cop".

Does Not Mind Being the Third Choice if There Is a Good Script

It is rumoured that he was the second choice to Ruco? Kenneth graciously admitted, "I was working in Mainland at the time. Don't know why the role needed to find another person to do it. [Man Wai Hung] came to me; I immediately stopped accepting work in Mainland and rushed back to Hong Kong to film. Originally, this role would be played by Ruco. The costumes all had his name written on them. I don't know the reason and also didn't ask. It's very normal for the company to do a cast change. In the past, some series were originally going to played by me but were eventually changed to others. I don't mind. Would understand after doing this for so many years. I have never minded being the second choice. If the script is good, also don't mind being the third choice". He pointed out that Ruco's cameo as a villain is a very important and special character. Believe that it is also very fresh for Ruco. The two previously acted in 'The Other Truth', and they have only had the opportunity to work together again after 12 years. Kenneth said that it still felt very exciting: "Can never predict how he'll act, and this time is no exception. It surprised me".

Acted as a Couple with Natalie Tong for the Fifth Time

Mentioning acting as a couple with Natalie for the fifth time, Kenneth said that there is already a tacit understanding, but the emotional scenes are different from the past; there are many conflicts and ups and downs.

Would he use his real love experience to help immerse himself in the series? Kenneth said, "Never! Usually just read the script, follow what is experienced in the script, and try to immerse myself into the character as much as possible. Some actors will use their own sadness to act; I don't like to do that. Would fully follow the feeling that is given by the script. If some scripts are written that I cry, but it does not move me, I would tell the director that I am not crying in this scene. The script is very important to me...would not forcibly think about a lot of things to make myself cry. Rather, hope that every teardrop of the character is able to touch viewers".

Letting Go of Negative Emotions and Working

Faced with a lot of negative emotions and pressure from public opinion during the 'Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Incident', how did he let go of the negative emotions and concentrate on work? Kenneth said, "I was able to! Can really let it go when working. Rarely bring unhappy things when going to act. Would think about it again after returning home from work. Would be very focused when filming series. I dare not say that it is professional. Perhaps it is [my] personality that allows [me] to do it. Personal matters rarely affect my work. If you ask me, I would put my family first; however, when working, would put work first. If there are any personal matters, would only talk about it after getting off work, unless it is a big event, such as a family member being admitted into the hospital".

It Is Okay Filming Happy Scenes Recently

He and his fiancée, Roxanne, are full of sweetness, and the marriage preparations are in full swing. Kenneth said, "Have been filming happy scenes recently...it's okay. Happily going to work. The character is happy, so it would be easy to express it...convey the happiness to viewers". Already not collaborating with Roxanne since "My Dearly Sinful Mind", Kenneth said that he absolutely does not mind collaborating again: "I am just scared that she would mind. She said before: how could she film series with me now? Because she is scared of not being able to hold in her laughter".

*Credits to mingpao

Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong Ban Kissing, Would Rather Fight and Putting a Stop to Passionate Scenes


ontv Clip

TV king Kenneth Ma announced at the beginning of the year that he had successfully proposed to Roxanne Tong. He, who has been busy filming a series recently, has handed over the wedding matters to his 'wife', Roxanne. Going from dating to entering another chapter in their lives, the two talk things through for every matter...full of chemistry. After the successful marriage proposal, it turns out that the two also made a few rules in terms of their work to avoid filming overly intimate scenes, so as to not get jealous and cause unnecessary disputes. He said, "We also have a concensus: when Roxanne acts, it will not be shows that are too revealing and intimate, especially since I would also now ask my female colleagues if they mind that there'll be a kiss scene. I don't mind if they don't want to kiss. I even quite admire it. If you don't like it, then speak up. I previously filmed 'Plan 'B'' with Eliza [Sam]; before filming, she said that she didn't really want to kiss because her husband doesn't really like it. I would not think that she's unprofessional. If [you] don't speak up but feel uncomfortable and forcibly film it, that's not good".

Asked if he would take the initiative to speak up if encounters intense scenes, he frankly said, "Also would. Sometimes the scene is written too exaggeratedly. I would ask the director if it's needed and whether it can be released if it's filmed...no need to waste everyone's time. In fact, watching fight scenes is also very exciting...don't necessarily have to watch intimate scenes". He continued saying that, after marriage, the limit will be tightened even more. Believe that sometimes kissing is not necessary...can replace it with a kiss on the cheek and forehead. There is some taboo toward intimate scenes; however, if it is an action scene, Kenneth frankly said that he does not mind doing it himself: "As long as I am sure that I can do it, and the martial arts director says that it's safe, I will do it because viewers can tell if you are doing it yourself or a double is doing it. If even you yourself are not sure, then it's another matter because an injury will affect the progress if filming".

Roxanne Tong Taking Care of Her Body to Rush to Have a Baby

Kenneth has a series of action scenes in the new series "The Invisibles", getting rid of his natural blank image and becoming a cool guy. He does not deny that action scenes are tough, but they are worth it: "Actually, action scenes are not very difficult because I exercise regularly; thus, in terms of physical fitness, [I] can handle it. Rather, [I] played too many doctors before. When initially filming, got told by the producer that I was even walking like a doctor...was too gentle. Hope to bring freshness to viewers this time". He said that, after completing the filming of this series, discovered that he is interested in action scenes because it is very difficult to experience live ammunition in reality.

Of course, he is working hard at work in hopes of taking care of his family. Regarding establishing a family soon, he admitted that there is also a definite pressure: "Have to take care of another family. Can't be too careless anout money. I also used to like watches and cars. A few years ago, would see an expensive watch and would still buy it. I have some watches that are worth seven figures, but were certainly not that expensive when I bought them. Well, would not buy them now. Would rather save money because I know that getting married requires money".

In addition, he also said that he and Roxanne have a consensus: Roxanne will take care of her body to rush to have a baby, so he also does not hope that she stays up late to film series and work. He will also give her financial control. Only taking pocket money every month is enough...really an exceptional good guy!

*Credits to on.cc

"Get on a Flat" Theme Song & Sub Song 3 @ "Andrew Lam 40th Anniversary Concert 2023"

"Get on a Flat" Theme Song

"Family" - Andrew Lam, Aeren Man, Elena Kong, Rosita Kwok, Yuki Law, Eric Tang & Derek Wong

一家人 《下流上車族》 主題曲 - 林敏聰/文凱婷/江美儀/郭柏妍/羅毓儀/鄧智堅/黃建東

作曲/填詞: 林敏驄


煩惱 也許自尋

無論我要 再到哪裏
心中只會 更加想你
在哪裏都想起你 是這心

緣份 能在這裏 將心拉近
能在這日 可以跟你 同行

人羣內每日也在工作 帶著遺憾

碰上每陣風雨 也是緣份
像要等到 一切 終於失去
#才明白 最重要是 你共我 一家人#*

Repeat *#

"Get on a Flat" Sub Song 3

想你 《下流上車族》 插曲 - 林敏驄/黃嘉雯

作曲/填詞: 林敏驄

想你的時候 我是那麽内疚
你不在身邊 我甚麽都沒有
趕來見你一面 我是如此無憂
整個的宇宙 像靠在我背後

想你的時候 我是那麽難受
你不在身邊 我甚麽都沒有
當我握着你的手 這說不出的享受
是我一輩子 最大的成就

*愛你 你知道我等多久
想你 還需甚麽理由
没有你的時候 我只是一頭

想你的時候 像一個洩氣的氣球
你不在我身邊 我感到血沒在流
多想見你一面 你是無法感受
Oh my baby 請你救救我吧

Repeat **

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*Credits to moreforms

Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Infinite Rush of Sunset! Simply Urgent When Kenneth Ma Kissed Natalie Tong


Kenneth Ma and Natalie play a former couple in "The Invisibles", frequently dissing each other in the series, but they obviously still have have other in their hearts. In the series, there is a scene where the two of them take wedding pictures outdoors. Natalie, who is wearing a strapless, low-cut wedding dress, also has a deep kiss with Kenmeth; it was seriously romantic! However, it is known that the plot is not sweet and pleasant. In the episode broadcast [tomorrow], Kenneth has to courageously rescue Natalie; she gets seriously injured, and whether she is alive or not remains unknown.

No Need to Report Beforehand for Intimate Scenes

Asked about what unforgettable things were there when filming the wedding dress scene, Kenneth laughingly said, "Remember that day being very rushed due to having to chase after the sun...filmed everything before sunset, so it was really extremely rushed. This was the most memorable. (Is Natalie very pretty wearing a wedding dress?) In the eyes of Ocean (Kenneth's character in the series), certainly the prettiest". Mentioning having luck with the females in the series, having many intimate, interactive scenese with Moon Lau and Natalie, did he have to report to his fiancée, Roxanne Tong, before kissing Natalie? He immediately manly expressed, "No need. Just filming, and it's not some kind of passionate scene. No need to report it".

*Credits to on.cc and tvb

Saturday, March 11, 2023

"The Invisibles" Promotional Event 3


"Scoop" Clip (031123)

TVBE Clip (031223)

TVBE Clip (031323)

ontv Clip

stheadline Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip

Youku Clip

Kenneth Ma's Wedding Date Revealed, Calls Roxanne Tong 'Wife' in Advance

TV kings Kenneth Ma and Joel Chan, Moon Lau, Tiffany Lau, Jazz Lam, et al. attended a promotional event for the series "The Invisibles" this afternoon. During the event, Producer Man Wai Hung specially edited a trailer to share with the fans on site, and joked once again that Kenneth is a cool guy who has been wasted by his natural blank expression. Kenneth revealed that he received calls from his old classmates asking about his two female partners, the 'Double Laus'. When playing the popping balloons game, Moon reenacted the scene where she climbed onto Kenneth. When Jazz talked about the shoot, he suddenly became emotional and burst into tears!

When interviewed, Kenneth talked about the 'unprecedented' incarnation of a cool guy this time. He also expressed honestly, "I also thought that I was quite cool. After the series aired, there have really been many old classmates looking for me. (Film more action series in the future?) I really don't mind. Having been in this industry for so many years, also want to find some transformations and bring more freshness to the viewers".

Speaking of his fiancée Roxanne Tong's trip to Japan earlier, Kenneth said, "She has a friend who is getting married. The entire group of girls went on a trip together. Has already returned...has been watching the series with me. She also praised me as being cool. Usually, I am more casual at home. It is rare to see her husband look so cool. (Already calling you 'husband'?) Sometimes I also call her 'wife' at home". Regarding he two's marriage date, Kenneth frankly said, "Really have to ask her. I am starting 'The Queen of NEWS' tomorrow. Frankly speaking, I certainly want to establish a family with her, but I have filmed so many wedding scenes. Already don't have much longing for the wedding. Just want to give her a wedding that she is satisfied with and likes, and fulfill her wish. (Have to finish filming the new series before getting married no matter what?) This is for certain!"

Mentioning Ruco Chan's guest appearance in "Invisibles" to deliberately 'return a favour' to Kenneth, Kenneth said, "Back then, he filmed 'The Other Truth' as the male lead for the first time in TVB. I cameoed as a villain. Did not expect him to remember it until now. Actually, I also really like that role. Ruco is also an actor I greatly admire. This time, his role is very special...believe that viewers will be astonished once he appears!"

*Credits to on.cc, stheadline, moreforms, and youku

Friday, March 10, 2023

Ricco Ng Levels Up to Lead and Father Has Hopes of Joining, Joe Ma Challenging High Difficulty with Strange Illness


ontv Clip

The new series "Extraordinary Prosecutorial View", with a theme on strange cases and produced by Lam Chi Wah, will start filming soon. This time, Ricco Ng is levelling up to first male lead; he and the other male lead, Joe Ma, are both challenging highly difficult roles!

Ricco, who has always played well-behaved boys, is fulfilling his wish of playing the role of an undercover agent and law enforcement officer this time. When interviewed, he happily expressed, "I am very excited and looking forward to it. I don't care too much about whether the screentime is heavy or light, but this opportunity is very hard to come by. Since I was young, I had already been influenced by cop shows, such as 'New Police Story' and 'E.U'. Since joining the industry, I have always wanted to try this kind of role. Have finally let me encounter it this time!" He previously filmed the series "Communion", attaining Producer Lam Chi Wah's recognition, pointing out that he will greatly cherish the rare opportunity that he has provided this time: "Because he has so much confidenence in me, I am not as nervous as last time. I know that, as long as I follow their direction, the outcome shouldn't be bad. I looked at a few episodes of the script, and it's extremely interesting. The addition of Joe's character has made the entire series even more fresh". Asked if he had to get muscular, he said, "May need to be more mature this time. Also don't need to be super muscular. I have always worked out...am already mentally ready". Ricco is leading for the first time. His father, Bill Ng, has also had a popularity surge from "Midlife, Sing & Shine!", even becoming the hot favourite. Many netizens previously suggested that the father and son collaborate in a series. Asking Producer Lam Chi Wah whether he would fulfill the netizens' wish, he frankly said, "Can also look for him to have some fun, but Bill's schedule is not that easy to arrange! If there's a chance, can look for him to make a cameo!"

Hera Chan Encounters a Scumbag Again

As for the other lead in the series, Joe is playing a prosecutor full of a sense of justice, determined to find out the truth for the victims so that they feel a sense of relief. This character has a rare 'mirror-touch synesthesia', fully experiencing other people's feelings and even pain. Since only one or two percent of people in the world have this symptom, Joe admitted that doing research and preparation was very difficult; the portrayal is definitely a big challenge: "This character's illness is very special. There is not much information on the Internet. Also have to communicate very clearly with the director. See how they want me to portray it...how light and heavy it should be. There is a certain diffulty. Apart from experiencing other people's feelings and touch, can also simultaneously feel pain. Have to see how the cases in the series are expressing it. When viewers watch it, there will definitely be a sense of novelty".

Female lead Alice Chan is playing a lawyer who is determined to get revenge on Joe; the role is quite ruthless. She expressed in an interview, "Playing a lawyer who is really good at fighting legal battles. I am not playing a lawyer for the first time, but have to really look at the script becore thinking about how to portray it. I have worked with Joe and Ricco before...have a tacit understanding. Only want to start working as fast as possible now".

Hera is also taking part in this series. This time, the producer has even found her good partner, Matthew Ho, to cameo as a scumbag character, playing off of each other again. Hera previously encountered scumbag Karl Ting in "The Beauty of War". This time, she is getting hurt by a scumbag again. She said, "I still don't know what the actual content will be, but also greatly looking forward to the role this time. Although it is already the fourth time working with Matthew, it is the first time getting bullied by him. Hope that the feeling that comes out will be a pleasant surprise". Matthew frankly said that it is a new attempt this time: "Because I have never been a case character before. Thanks to Producer Lam Chi Wah for giving me another opportunity to work with Hera after 'Silver Lining'. Hope that viewers will not get tired of it! Since it is the fourth collaboration, certainly have to make some breakthroughs. In fact, the difficulty of the role is quite big this time. Have been warm guys a lot, but it's really the first time as a scumbag, and it's extremely awful this time. I was also dumbfounded when I heard the story. Never thought that the scriptwriter could go so extreme with this character. Hope that fans don't become scared of me after seeing it!"

Siu Fas Take Turns Making Guest Appearances, Kaman Kong Prying into Psychology

The series contains eight different cases, all of which are thought-provoking and enlightening. Joe, Ricco, and Alice link the entire series, and many TVB siu fas will be making guest appearances, including Kaman Kong, Joey Thye, Yuki Law, et al. Among them, Kaman is playing a psychotherapist and has many scenes with Ricco. As for Yuki's role, it is related to a supernatural incident. In the series, she thinks that her father is already dead and frequently encounters ghosts!

Regarding her guest appearance in "Extraordinary", [Kaman] said that she has not received a notice from the company yet, but the producer is looking for her to cameo, so believe that the role will be particularly fun.

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*Credits to on.cc

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Wayne Lai and Joey Law Playing a 'Double Trouble' Father and Son


'TV King' Wayne Lai will return to TVB in April to film Producer Fong Chun Chiu's new series, "The Father-Son Separation". In the series, apart from good actors Eddie Kwan, Florence Kwok, Akina Hong, et al., he is also playing father and son with Joey Law and father and daughter with Erica Chan for the first time. Wayne and Joey are playing a 'double trouble' father and son, just like Stephen Chow and Richard Ng's funny partnership in the past, adding humour to the intense family storyline. In the series, Eddie is playing a rich person with low self-esteem yet is arrogant, having many feuding scenes with Wayne. Iris Lam was previously said to have become an extra in a lunar new year series; however, this time, her screentime will increase, as her character will be interspersing between Joey and Nicholas Yuen.

Wayne, who is currently working in Mainland, accepted an exclusive interview from on.cc, frankly saying that it is a big challenge. He said, "I heard about the role...have to get a feel for it. This time, the dramatic nature is heavier. Find out that my son is not my own. Eddie and I have a lot of feuding scenes...also haven't worked with him for a long time. As for Joey and Erica, have literally never worked with them before. It is really a new combination. Hope that it'll be a lot of fun!"

Joey, who has always played wooden and handsome characters, is also being challenged this time. In the series, he has a frivolous and lively personality, even playing a chef for the first time. When interviewed, Joey frankly saidly that he never worked with Wayne and Erica before, so greatly looking forward to it. In the series, he goes in the kitchen often, and filming is in the summer, so he also has to frequently wear singlets to show off his muscles. The producer has already ordered him to lose weight. To accommodate the role, Joey is currently practicing his knife skills, tossing a wok, and other skills. Joey said, "Have always really wanted to work with Wayne...finally have the opportunity. Want to have some changes to my look and figure this time. Have to learn a lot of things in terms of cooking first".

As for Erica playing Wayne's daughter, she frankly said that, being able to work with seniors, the producer also told her to seize the opportunity to learn: "I was already very excited upon seeing the list because there's Wayne, Florence, and Eddie, who are seniors I had always seen on TV when I was young". In the series, she is studying medicine. She, who wants to become a doctor wholeheartedly, later has an older female and younger male romance, and will have a romantic storyline with newcomer Oscar Tao. Erica said, "Whether it is within the series or outside of the series, I am older than he is. In reality, there is a two-year age difference between us, but there is a five-year difference in the series".

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*Credits to on.cc

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

"The Invisibles" Sub Song 2 (Full Version)

"No Reason to Leave" - James Ng