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Thursday, February 28, 2019

《唐人街》 "Chinatown" Blessing Ceremony



Date: February 28, 2019

Temporary Chinese title: 《唐人街》
Pinyin title: Tong Yan Gaai
Temporary English title: "Chinatown"
Producer: Man Wai Hung

Attending Cast: Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu, Grace Wong, Philip Ng, Yuen Chau, Tiffany Lau, Lily Leung, Suet Nei, Mary Hon, KK Cheung, Carlo Ng, Hoffman Cheung, Man Yeung, Jade Leung, Ada Wong, Kirby Lam, Chloe Nguyen, Sunny Dai, Derek Wong, Penny Chan, Lau Tin Lung, Auston Lam, Terence Tung, Oscar Li, Jackson Lai, Eileen Yeow, Sophie Yip, June Ng, Doris Chow, Vincent Lam, Ngai Wai Man, Kelvin Lee, Lucas Yiu, Charles Fan, Patrick Leung, Julian Gaertner, Tse Ho Yat, Jam Yu, Sebastian So, and Alan Chow.

Time: 14:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate 77 Chun Choi Street TVB City Pre-modern Street Church

J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

big big channel Clip

big big channel Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

East Week Clip

East Week Clip

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More Forms Clip

More Forms Clip



- 30 episodes long.
- Filming goes from January to June.
- This series had initially planned to go to Thailand for location filming, but due to the worry of being unable to find scenery that accommodated Thailand in the '60s, it was eventually decided that a set would be built for filming.
- The background of the story is Thailand in the '60s.
- Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, and Philip Ng belong to the same group of thieves; the three are involved in a love triangle.
- Ruco will play Bo Ching Wan (步青雲). To search for his family, he uses the alias Ting Sam Ping (丁三拼), returning to Chinatown by himself, where he meets Natalie, and they confront evil forces together. He and Natalie are a bickering pair. He has to take care of his mother, Yuen Chau, and be the head of the household, so he does not want to date. In the process, he slowly gets to know Natalie. His romantic storyline with Natalie is rather reserved. He is a good fighter, and he has to disguise himself as a transvestite.
- Natalie will play Chin Chin Chin (錢芊芊), a con artist. She is the owner of a transvestite bar. She mainly uses Baguazhang. She has the strongest martial arts skills in the series. She has been learning kung fu from her father, Carlo Ng, since she was young. Her fight scenes will be in the final ten episodes. She has a romantic storyline with Ruco and Philip. Philip likes her, but she does not like him.
- Joel Chan will play Tony Lin Lat (連棘), a Thai cop. He does Wing Chun and Thai boxing. He and Elaine Yiu have a tragic romance. Eileen Yeow and Man Yeung are his aunt and uncle (i.e., his mother's brother).
- Elaine will play Kam Fuk Mui (金福妹), who is an expert at using Emei daggers. She and Joel are a couple; they have many intense scenes. Jimmy Au is her father.
- Grace Wong will play Anna Ching On Na (程安娜), who mainly does leg maneuvers. Yuen Chau is her mother.
- Philip will play Ye Loi Kat (夜來吉).
- Tiffany Lau will play a gentle character. She is weak and needs to be protected. She is the only actor who does not need to fight in the series.
- Ngo Ka Nin will play a Thai Chinese. He is Elaine's elder brother.
- Suet Nei will play Ye Loi Chun (夜來春).
- KK Cheung will play the boss of Chinatown.
- Hoffman Cheng will play a hooligan who sells information.
- Man will play Fong Chi Kong (方至剛), a Wing Chun expert. He sells peanuts in Chinatown to raise his daughter. He is Joel's uncle and Tiffany's father.
- Ada Wong will play 「多多」, a con artist. She has a romantic storyline with Philip.
- Derek Wong will play a con artist. He and Sunny Dai provide humour; Suet Nei is their boss.
- Jackson Lai will guest-star for three episodes.
- Kelvin Lee will play Lau Chi Chun (劉子俊), a Thai cop.
- Deborah Poon will play the wife of a Chinatown Sergeant. She is Thai.

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Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip (053019)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (053019)

Personal Note: Sounds like a combination of "A Fist Within Four Walls" and "The Unholy Alliance", with the exception being Natalie as the female lead in place of Nancy....

*Credits to leehingwa_officialfansclub, 唐詩詠吧, on.cc, eastweek, hk01, moreforms, gztv, stheadline, RCI, and tvb

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