Friday, August 26, 2011

Chong Wai Kin's November Series Info; "Triumph in the Skies II" Delayed Again



Temporary Chinese title: 《名媛望族》
Pinyin title: Ming Woon Mong Juk
Temporary English title: "Prominent Family"
Producer: Chong Wai Kin

- This 40-episode grand production will be a wealthy family story that takes place in the '20s or '30s. The series is scheduled to film from November to March.
- Cast members include Damian Lau, Idy Chan, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, etc.
- Damian's character will have five wives.

"Triumph in the Skies II" Delayed Again

Because of production issues, including those relating to the sponsor and the Airport Authority, and the fact that cast members Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, etc. have a schedule conflict with "Prominent Family", the filming of "Triumph in the Skies II" has been delayed to March or April of next year.

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Personal Note: Another 40-episode wealthy family drama from Chong Wai Kin, but a pre-modern version this time around....

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  1. Damien and Idy again? Nice!

    I thought Fala will film an ancient series with Roger? Is that delayed as well?

  2. "...and the fact that cast members Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, etc. have a schedule conflict with Prominent Family"

    So did Chong Wai Kin originally planned to film Prominent Family in November? That would only make sense since TITS2 was supposed to be filmed earlier this year.

    And I don't think it's just Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, and Fala Chen who have schedules conflict. Myolie is currently tied down as well.

  3. I don't think the Roger/Fala series will be delayed. It should start filming soon if I'm not about 3 months of filming till November, which may be enough if it's a 20 episodes series. Otherwise Fala may start the November series later than the rest...considering there are many many other leads, her screen time may not THAT much, which would allow her us to start filming at a later time.

    - - -

    I don't see how Prominent Family is a pre-modern version of Born Rich. The cast is almost entirely different and Damien having multiple wives = catfights and women scheming...which Born Rich was not really. A lot of series has a turbulent, wealthy family so I don't see the association between the 2 series necessarily. Fingers crossed though...liking the cast :)

  4. This might sound like The Point of No Return: with emphasis on Damien's company, his relationship with Angie (Idy and other wives, in this case) and his son or daughter (Ron, Kenneth or Fala).

  5. To Tracy:

    "Schemes of East and West" will begin filming in September. When "Prominent Family" begins filming, "Schemes" should be wrapping up.

    The reason that Ron, Ma Ming, Fala, etc. have a schedule conflict is because the filming of "Prominent" and "Triumph II" would have directly coincided with one other. As for Myolie, the filming of "Ghetto II" should wrap up in December, so there would have been no schedule conflict for her.

  6. ^ Yes, but if TITS2 was to film sometime later this year (Oct-Dec), Myolie would also have a schedule conflict since she'll be filming GJ2. So either way, TITS2 would have been delayed until next year. Now, it's just after Prominent Family.

  7. To Tracy:

    "Triumph II" was originally scheduled to begin filming in September, but it was later delayed to begin filming in December [as mentioned in the original article of this post (, the delay to December wouldn't really affect Myolie's schedule, as TVB suddenly decided to film "Ghetto II" during the time in which "Triumph II" was originally supposed to begin filming; however, this delay to December apparently didn't work out for Ron, as he supposedly turned down a Mainland series to clear his September schedule for "Triumph II"). Thus, if "Triumph II" did start filming in December, there would be no schedule conflict for Myolie because "Ghetto II" should be wrapping up in December.

  8. Why is TVB suddenly so desperate to produce so many 40 episode productions? First TITS2, next WAB2 and now Prominent Family? RS3 is quite considered as a grand production too, can we handle so many grand productions in a year? @.@

    Since many artists left, TVB really lacks people. Kate, Ron and Tavia have appeared in so many series this year and now all of them including Fala and Myolie are filming back to back, if they don't ask the veterans back or promote more new people then we are going to see the same faces in every series :(

  9. I read on Weibo that Tavia would also be filming a long pre-modern drama as well after "On Call 36 Hours". Must be 'Prominent Family' as well?