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《名媛望族》 "Prominent Family" Costume Fitting Pictures



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- Luxurious 40-episode grand production.
- There will be location filming in Shanghai.
- The story will be about the upper class society in the '20s and '30s. The main theme of the series will be about women fighting against fate, thereby causing the abolition of the legalization of polygamy in Hong Kong in 1971. It will focus on how women survive in a world of men.
- Damian Lau will play Arthur Chung Cheuk Man (鍾卓萬), the first Chinese barrister who has returned to Hong Kong from England. He has never lost a case. He thinks that the whole world has to listen to him. In terms of love, he feels that, as long as he likes it, he can marry anyone; thus, he only dotes on every woman, and there is no true love. He has a distinguished position and a Western lifestyle. Although he has a gentlemanly appearance, he is actually a traditional Chinese man. He has five wives (played by Mary Hon, Idy Chan, Elena Kong, Tavia Yeung, and JJ Jia).
- Idy will play Yi Yin (爾嫣), Damian's second wife. She is a former Qing Dynasty princess. She has her own temperament and way of handling things. In the beginning, she is the most loved wife; however, she has a first love. When she is preparing to leave with her first love, she suddenly realizes that she has already fallen in love with Damian, but can only blame everything on timing. Damian gains her heart, but she is already not there physically.
- Kenneth Ma will play Charles Chung Kai San (鍾啟燊), Damian and Mary's son. He is a barrister with many ideals. He is a fragile scholar. He and Damian have different beliefs; while his father views the win-loss of cases heavily, he attaches more importance to emotions. He is very loyal in love.
- Tavia will play Hong Chi Kwan (康子君), a Daoma Dan (i.e., a Chinese opera artiste in a female warrior role) who later becomes Damian's fourth wife. She goes from being a poor servant to a Daoma Dan, and then a women's rights activist. She has a straightforward and fierce personality. She has an air of arrogance. When she falls in love, she does it without resentment or regrets. When she encounters things that go against her principles, she dares to go against her husband.
- Ron Ng will play Kam Muk Sui (金木水), who goes from being a hooligan to a gang leader. He and Rebecca Zhu are star-crossed lovers. He is a tragic character who wants to love Rebecca, but she marries Kenneth instead, and he can only blame himself for committing too many wrong deeds. He does some extremely bad deeds for love. He can be considered a villain who not only has a loyal side but also plays the fool. He dares to love and dares to hate. He will also be passionate with Elena such that they tear each other's clothes off.
- Rebecca will play Kwai Siu Yau (季小由), a poor girl. She and Ron grew up in the same orphanage. Because Damian caused the death of her entire family, she will marry Kenneth in order to seek revenge. She will be involved in a love triangle with Kenneth and Ron.
- Elena will play Yvonne Yi Yi Fong (易懿芳), Damian's third wife who has much new age spirit and is rather westernized. She is a banker friend's daughter. She is from the upper class, and she studied at a well-known English school. One time, after getting drunk, she ended up having Damian's baby, so she married him and became his third wife. She goes to great lengths to keep her husband's heart; however, after Tavia joins the family, the household becomes even more chaotic. She greatly dislikes Tavia. Later, Damian begins to not pay attention to her, so she begins to drink her sorrows away; when she is drunk, she often does not know what she is doing. Later, she meets Ron, and they become friends. She later realizes that Ron is a very handsome guy but is a fool, so she tells him everything; however, Ron is only pretending to be a fool. There is no love between her and Damian, which leads to her having an affair. She and Ron later have a one-night stand; after Damian discovers this, he kicks her out of the house. After leaving the Chung household, she also misses her son and daughter, so she fights for custody. She wins the court case, gaining the custody of her two children, which becomes a women's movement case.
- Mary will play Ku Sam Lan (顧心蘭), Damian's first wife. She is the daughter of a prominent family. She is a traditional Chinese woman who takes care of the entire household. She is the most dignified in the family, and everyone has to listen to her words. In the family, she is rather neutral, and she is an advocate for harmony in the family. She does the most for the family, but Damian does the least for her and pays the least attention to her. Originally, Damian loves his second and fourth wives the most; however, when she has a stroke, Damian then realizes that he owes her the most. When she dies, Damian cries and acknowledges his mistake.
- Sire Ma will play Chung Ho Yi (鍾浩頤), Damian and Mary's daughter. Since young, she has been doted on by her parents, but she does not have much say in the family; thus, after graduation, she was arranged to marry a person with a similar social position and economic status. However, when she sees her brother, Kenneth, having many of his own opinions and pursuing freedom in love, she also chooses to develop a romance with Adrian Chau, who is from an ordinary lower middle class. Her romantic storyline with Adrian is the entire series' most lighthearted, and is the only one with a rather happy ending.
- Vincent Wong will play Jimmy Chung Kai Yip (鍾啟燁), Damian's illegitimate son. He is a hooligan who grew up in England. When he was 12 years old, his mother passed away, and he later meets his biological father. He goes from being a hooligan to the son of a wealthy family. He is Shek Sau's adopted son. He has low self-esteem, and he tries to please everyone. He uses the wrong methods at work, which causes him to leave home. He goes from being optimistic to broken down and sorrowful. Later, he and a family servant have a child.
- JJ will play Chiu Tan Tan (趙丹丹), Damian's confidante. She is an open transaction woman who loves money. In the end, Damian sends her to England to study music, and their relationship changes into friendship.
- Shek Sau will play a lawyer.
- Charmaine Li will play a servant. She has an optimistic and cheerful personality. She later becomes Vincent's wife.
- Stefan Wong will play Shek Sau's son.
- Sammy Sum will play Yi Hei (爾希), Bak Yan's son and Idy's younger brother.
- Savio Tsang will play Damian's assistant.
- Ben Wong will play Chai Yat Fai (齊日輝), Idy's first love. In the past, he was a rickshaw puller who would take Idy to school; during that time, he fell in love with her, but Idy's mother opposed to their relationship, so they broke up. After becoming a successful businessman, he returns to see his former lover, and wants to elope with her.
- Adrian will play Yung Tat Chi (容達志), a poor cop. He is Rebecca's elder brother.
- Bella Lam will play Rebecca's long lost sister. She is a mute. She was sold to a brothel, but Ron got her out of it; she wanted to repay him by giving her heart to him, but was rejected.
- Kelvin Leung will play a hooligan.
- Jess Sum will play a troupe company's Wenwu Sheng (i.e., a Chinese opera artiste in a scholar and martial male role).
- Corinna Chamberlain will play Shek Sau's wife.

Clips (costume fitting):
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Clips (blessing ceremony):
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Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles".
FYI: Fala Chen was originally cast as one of the female leads; however, she later pulled out due to health reasons, so Rebecca Zhu has taken her place.

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Personal Note: Everyone looks quite nice here...definitely better than the Sales clip! ;)

Would have been awesome to have Michelle Yim in here...too bad her schedule didn't work out.

Always interesting to see recycled costumes (e.g., Tavia's outfit was previously worn by Gigi Lai in "The Charm Beneath", Kate Tsui in "The Price of Greed", Sheren Tang in "No Regrets", and Yoyo Chen at the costume fitting of "Bottled Passion").... :P

He he.... Tavia's character name is very similar to her name in "The Other Truth".... :P

Funny how Ron was talking about Ma Ming behind his back.... :P

Ha ha.... Ma Ming sweet-talking again.... :P

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  1. wow...i'm not hating on rebecca or anything...but can't believe she's already has a role partnering with ron and kenneth! or maybe i'm just bitter that tavia and ron didn't get to pair up...hahah

  2. This series look good :D

    Rebecca is a lucky girl but I'll reserve my opinion until I saw her acting, but yes she's lucky. She already get to pair with BOTH Kenneth and Ron in her first role!

    Ron's role look interesting and fresh and will give him a lot of room to act. Kenneth too has great opportunity by acting beside Damian. Looking forward for all their roles including Damian, Elena.

  3. hey, i see Bak Yan jeh (is that her name?) .. i haven't seen her in a long time..nice to see her still filming. I always remember her as Ah Hoi's real mother in A Kindred Spirit. She plays those really annoying, snotty women a lot..haha~

    Looks like we aren't getting waves of original fa dans and siu sungs anymore...but waves of veterans coming back too! (i see Uncle Zhi Ming in every drama practically too..LOL.)