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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Selena Li Becomes a European and American Double Film Queen, Breaks Out Internationally After Working Hard for 14 Years: Finally Have an Opportunity to Say Acceptance Speech!



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Selena Li has been in the industry for 14 years. Her first award is 'Best Actress' at the 'European Cinematography Awards' and the 'Los Angeles Film Awards' for the American short film "Once More", becoming a double film queen. Selena laughingly said that hearing the two words 'Film Queen' would make her heart beat faster due to being completely flattered, and she is not used to it: "This title is very heavy. While filming it, did not expect to win an award at all. The producer messaged me, saying that she had mailed the certificate and that I had won 'Best Actress'. At the time, I asked, 'What is this?' Later, it was not until I found out that I had won an award that I had realized what had happened. What the hell...I won an award!"

"I have worked for so many years. Would go to the awards presentation every year. Have seen others win awards a lot. To have this opportunity this time, and to be able to say my acceptance speech, is actually extremely nerve-wracking!" Having already broken out internationally when winning an award for the first time, thinking back on her 14-year career, there are times when she would also question herself: "Would also ask myself whether this industry is right for me. Having filmed for so many years, what should it be like? It seems like...there are times when I would hesitate". During this time, Selena frankly said that she was fortunate to have encountered her 'Nonsense Squad': "This group of sisters has given me a lot of positive energy, pushing each other so that we are able to work hard in going forward". Thus, seeing her good friends receive awards one after the other, Selena is not envious and jealous, and has not asked why it is not her turn yet: "I would be happy for them because it is because we have all worked for many years and have worked hard for so many years that we are able to have such results".

"Certainly, I would also think about whether I would have this day. I have worked hard for 14 years, but at the time, I would also feel that this chance would be slim. Thus, I really absolutely did not think about winning this award this time. It is a big boost of confidence". To share the joy, Selena had not mentioned the matter of receiving an award to anyone. It was not until the 'Nonsense Squad' went on a trip that she took out her award from under the table that she had shared the good news: "Wanted to see their reaction. Saw them cry out of happiness for me". Although she has become an international film queen, Selena still said, "I will certainly not lose my feathers!"

"Once More" Trailer

*Credits to hk01, 娛樂 007, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, and mingpao

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