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Saturday, October 6, 2012

'Fook Luk Sau' Imitating Psy Dancing 'Gangnam Style'


J2 Clip


The three guys of 'Fook Luk Sau', Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, and Wong Cho Lam, are joining again for the anniversary in November. Today, they tried their costume, imitating the members of the poplular Korean group Big Bang. Louis revealed that he would also be imitating Psy, who has exploded in popularity around the world, dancing "Gangnam Style". [He] also said that there are 60 imitation looks, parodying series (e.g., "The Hippocratic Crush", "Master of Play", "Divas in Distress", etc.), and playing with the public voting of 'Miss Country', and even jokingly said, "I hope accidental (hacker) tourists don't bug me".

"Games Gods Play" Promotional Clip

"Games Gods Play" Trailer

"Games Gods Play" Episode 1 Recording @ "Scoop" Clip

"Games Gods Play" Episode 1 Recording @ TVBE Clip

"Games Gods Play" Episode 1 Recording @ TVB8 Clip

"Games Gods Play" Episode 2 Recording @ TVBE Clip

"Games Gods Play" Episode 3 Recording @ J2 Clip

"Games Gods Play" Episode 4 Recording @ TVBE Clip

"Games Gods Play" Episode 4 Recording @ TVB8 Clip

Personal Note: Yay! FLS is back! :D

Expected FLS to parody Big Bang, but didn't think that they would already dress up as the members' looks from the "Fantastic Baby" MV at the fitting! :P

Knew that Louis would imitate Psy! :)

*Credits to appledaily, the-sun, mingpao, and ihktv

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