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Friday, August 31, 2012

Yoyo Mung Reveals Ekin's Proposal Being More Alarming Than Happy


J2 Clip


Artistes Yoyo Mung and Alex Fong were working for the series "A Great Way to Care II". When Alex saw Yoyo, he immediately congratulated her and also called her 'Mrs. Cheng'. He laughingly said to Yoyo, "You can finally get married! I am also happy for you! Next year, must inform everyone earlier...everyone will arrive earlier". Yoyo unexpectedly pointed out that he didn't inform in advance when he got married back then, and also wanted Alex to sponsor some banquet tables for her. Alex said, "It's because I don't have enough money! Didn't bother with just having those two tables! You must make it big! Able to get married at this age is also quite happy". Yoyo revealed that she would be getting married next year...also hoping for everything to be simple. As for the details of the proposal, she said, "He proposed to me before my birthday...more alarming than happy. As for the details, it's okay for me and him to remember. You guys don't have to know".

Yoyo Mung Reveals That Marriage Matters Will Be Simple

Yoyo Mung and Alex Fong went to a small church in TVB City to film the series "A Great Way to Care II". The scene was about them going to the church to investigate to prove that Matthew Ko was the founder of an evil cult. Yoyo, who will be getting married soon, was asked about the progress of her marriage. Have the in-laws communicated? She said, "No. Absolutely none. Everything will be simple. (Holding a banquet?) If able to not hold one, then not holding one. Will not be wearing a wedding dress. (Not taking wedding photos?) The pictures taken on the wedding day have the most mood".

Personal Note: A lot of joyous news this year! Congratulations to Yoyo! :)

So funny when Alex and Yoyo 'inch' each other...have always liked their chemistry!

*Credits to ihktv, the-sun, headlinedaily, and wenweipo

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  1. thank you for the translation hyn :)
    really looking forward to their 3rd collaboration, love their chemistry from Burning flame 2 and Split second.