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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fala Chen's Mini Movie MVs


"Half" - Fala Chen

一半 - 陳法拉

作曲: 宇珩
填詞: 張美賢
編曲/監製: Johnny Yim

一半晚餐 再分我一半被窩 你聽我傷心的哭過
明早撲進地鐵廂座 愁眉別深鎖
一半汽水 再分你一半飲歌 長年陪好姊妹消磨
最後誰可 去替代某一位 吻我

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲 
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我 
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
嘲弄著自己的怯懦 難受嗎 如果你是我

一次拍拖 帶給我一半笑渦 與一半傷感的交錯
從婚宴送贈了祝賀 仍然沒不可
一半探戈 跳出了一半痛楚 長年無止境的蹉跎
以後誰可 到了白髮一般 疼我

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我 
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
都歌頌情人的快樂 其實我都 曾感動過

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
都複述情人怎惹禍 流淚太多 誰敢犯錯


"Atonement" - Fala Chen

贖罪 - 陳法拉

作曲: 易桀齊
填詞: 李敏
編曲/監製: Johnny Yim

奇怪的舉止 與合理劇情 有偏差

@猜他有 偷偷約她見她
來瞞騙我 是好嗎?

無端愛護有加 超出了必須
我感覺真不對 (騙得我掉眼淚)

到底我要恨誰? (看他確實有罪)

奇異的恩典 與下放熱情 太虛假

Repeat @*(#)(*)


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Personal Note: Both of the songs are covers?! Fala's first plug is a Cantonese cover of Della Wu's song of the same title, while the other is a cover of Fish Leong's "Do Not Shed Tears for Him Again" (別再為他流淚). o_O


Fala's lip-syncing in "Half" seemed awkward, but she did say that she was asked to do it softly.

When it was mentioned that the MVs would be like a mini movie, didn't expect it to just be a story continuation....


  1. hmmm....for some reason, i was anticipating something more....impressive....i didn't even know they were just covers! i'm sorry, but in my eyes, that doesn't make you a singer...
    and the lip syncing was pretty off at some places it almost looked like she wasn't even singing the correct lyrics...overall i'm a little bit disappointed in this..

  2. Quite disappointed because Fala has been working on this album for a while. I expected more since she spent so much time on it. Eh

  3. Hm, the songs sound off to me maybe because I'm so used to the original versions.
    Why are this music company doing so many covers? Linda covered Will Liu's duet with Evonne Hsu, Cindy Yuen and Jay Chou's duet and Ariel Lin's song and now Fala with these two songs.
    Didn't Fala say she can play the piano, she could have tried to compose some songs and make them the first and second plug instead.

    1. To Susan:

      Actually, when Linda covered those songs, she was still under Star Entertainment. Now, she and Fala are under Stars Shine.

      Even if Fala were to compose her own songs, the company is still the deciding factor as to whether those songs make it onto an album or get plugged.